Pure Essense Handmade Soaps

A sensory adventure is waiting for you. We have redefined your everyday experience into one of luxurious pampering and sheer decadence. Passion, imagination, care and a love of all that is natural are unique gifts that inspire our master craftsman to create soap like no other.

Pure Essense hand made soaps are crafted from the purest ingredients from around the world. Using the time-honored tradition to natural soap making, we make them in small batches and takes weeks of nurturing before they are ready. We put in all that is good from Mother Nature and left out all that is not.

Uncompromising? Yes.

Worth the wait? Absolutely!

Enjoy exotic oils including Australia Lemon Myrtle, French Lavender, Moroccan Bergamot, Indian Sandalwood, Italian Chamomile and American Jojoba.  Or rediscover nature’s potent ingredients including Chinese fresh water pearl powder, Goji berries, and lotus.

With over 22 soaps to choose from, we encourage you to embark on a journey of self nurturing for your body and soul. 

So what will be your Loving Memories?

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