Pure Essense retail outlet in Taiwan

The debut launch of Pure Essense in Tapei, Taiwan in April 2010 was covered by all local media and created buzz and excitement. Pure Essense outlets are found in the Prestigious 101 building and Takashimiya department store

Taiwan outlet opening

Innovation Patent

Innovation Patent Granted

An innovation Patent was granted to Promocean Australia in 2008 for the revolutionary design of a Scent Release packaging box. This is used in our 120gm boxed Hand made soaps. It allows scent to be released when the box is squeezed on its side, allowing the consumer to experience first hand the scents of the product, while protection the soap from contaminants and handling. This innovation allowed the soap to be hygienically sealed without compromising the visual appeal.

Promocean Australia

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2020 August | Diana Watson | NSW

To the Directors of Pure Essense Cosmeceuticals, 44-46 Overseas Drive Noble Park North Vic 3174

Dear Carrie and Robert Leung, I want to thank you for making such unique and beautiful hand made soap, with such versatile uses. I use the Honeycomb and Antidote, not only is it fantastic for people with sensitive skin but for another use I have discovered and tested over the past five years, especially the honeycomb! I have and allergy to several substances, including most toothpaste and since a dentist once told me he always cleans his patients dentures with soap and water, I started using your Honeycomb body soap bar on my tooth brush. It tastes wonderful with honey and orange “freshness” aftertaste, I just love it and would recommend it to everybody who loves the feel and taste of sparkling dentures and a clean fresh mouth. My mother used to say ” she would wash my mouth out with soap if I told fibs!”. I wish she had known about your honeycomb (orange flavour) body bar soap, so I could “poke my tongue out at her” for more !! p.s
Again thank you so much for producing it! and this is absolute truth!

Yours faithfully
Diana Xanadu Watson

March 2020 | J. Wilkie | Victoria

Dear Robert,

I first used your Antidote hand soap at Vue Apartments in Geelong. After meeting with you and your wonderful wife, I know cleanse my face with this beautiful soap using the Regenerative Face Recovery Serum, Synergenetic Moisturiser, Olive hand and body lotion and the Green tea shampoo.
These products so soothing with such lovely fragrances. Thank you for the amazing results, my daughter and I are very happy customers who now feel great with our skin and hair!

Many thanks Jan.

Sept 2018 Jean Bailey VIC

” Your skin looks amazing, what have you been using? This was a comment from my friend of mine recently. For the last 3 months I have started using the Regenerative Face Serum on a daily basis. Myface normally breaks out with the start of any facial care routine and I find after 2 weeks I have go back to just washing my face with water. Not only that I suffer from breakouts on my face and neck. Doesn’t matter what I used I just had to deal with them and cover it up the best I could. I was given a bottle of the Face Serum to try. Was told to use if for a few weeks and report back on how your face responds to it. The first week I noticed the serum had started to soothe the inflamed spots on my neck. By the second week I didn’t have any further outbreak and what was left was healing and going away. 3 weeks on and there was no sign of another breakout. At 4 weeks I was given the Pure Essense Antidote cleansing facial bar. Not only does this smell amazing but the lather it produces is the most creamy, smooth luxurious lather. Again I was expecting my face to react but surprising I haven’t had a break out yet. The antidote left my skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth. There was no drying effect at all. Between the use of the Antidote cleansing bar and the Face Serum, my pores have reduce, my overall skin texture has improved and I have had no further facial breakouts. I will happily recommend these products to any of my friends.

Jean Bailey

March 2014 Badette Dyke VIC

My husband and I were on Holidays at the Vue Apartments, Geelong, I was fortunate enough to use your Spa range of products. When I smelt the fragrance of the Antidote soap, I just had to try it. It left my skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth and I love that it contains all natural ingredients….Olive hand and body lotion, leaving my hands and skin soft and supple….I love using Pure Essense items and can’t wait to continue using these wonderful products in the future.

Badette Dyke

June 2013 Michael Tuckfield SA

I just wanted to send a big Thank you to your team and especially Robert Leung for your help with creating a soap to help me propose to my now fiance. A few months ago my girlfriend and I stayed at Tier’s View Bed and Breakfast that had soap that my partner fell in love with. Besides the fact that they smell, feel and look brilliant, they also caused no irritation to my girlfriend whom has difficulty finding good hypo-allergenic soaps. From that experience I found the Promocean site and ordered a large variety through Robert Leung, and they were again great. I noted that some of their soaps were translucent, so I enquired to Robert if they could possibly do a one off soap with “MARRY ME” inside? Robert was enthusiastic and went about the task of producing this soap for me. On the arrival of the soaps I showed my partner, whom was happy as a clam as she just loves them! I then handed her the “special” soap and said this is a new one they have been working on. She first smelt it and said it smelt great and didn’t seem to notice the wording. I prompted her to read the writing inside, and immediately a smile formed on her face and she said yes. Later she said that the surprise of the situation and the form it came in made the experience so good, who would propose in a soap? The experience I had with Promocean as a customer, and then through their help producing the MARRY ME soap, was fantastic. You are a company that create products on a level of their own, and your staff are enthusiastic and care for the customer. Thanks for playing such a large role in my proposal.

Michael Tuckfield

Oct 2012 | Elizabeth Todd

I recently stayed at Bannisters Resort in Mollymook and fell in love with your Honeycomb Handmade soap. I have very sensitive skin and often suffer a bad reaction to soaps, but your Honeycomb soap was so soothing and creamy and had such a divine scent that I had to take the half used cake home with me to enjoy it longer!
Thank you for producing such an incredible product. And thank you for your superb customer-service when I contated you to find out if I could possibly purchase some of your divine soap. What a pleasure to deal with an organisation so dedicated to theit customers and their products.

Elizabeth Todd

May 2012 | Judy Szyrko | VIC

On a recent holiday at Shantara Resort in Port Douglas, we were happy to experience your amazing Pure Essense Antidote soap. This soap smells wonderful & the essential oils make the skin soft & silky smooth & beautifully hydrated. Both my husband and I are over 60 and have dryish skin but after 5 days of using this soap, there was definitely more luxurious feel to our skin Thank you, thank you, thank you. We look forward to our continued use & spreading the word.

Regards Judy

October 2011 Erin McCarthy QLD

My partner and I recently returned from a stay at the beautiful Yabbaloumba Retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinderland. The cottage was stocked with Pure Essense products…and I loved them. …Antidote soap bar….made from natural ingredients. It left my skin feeling soft and moisturised, smelt fantastic, no animal products (what more could you ask for?).

Many thanks Erin McCarthy

1 April 2011 Monica Derrick Canberra​

My husband and I recently stayed at the Mystery Bay Cottages on the NSW south coast. While it wasnt a romantic getaway – given we had our toddler with us,….it was made all the more special by our new find of the luxurious honeycomb body bar from Pure Essense. …It smelt like fresh oranges and flowers. .. It acted like a natural exfoliator and after using the soap, my skin was soft and smooth.

Monica Derrick

Marriot Hotel- Advertising Pure Essense Nov 2008 ​

Marriot Hotel advertising in Donna Hay magazine dated Oct/Nov 08 issue using Pure Essense Pampering packs.

Gift Awards 2008 ​

The Award for the best gift product or range for Pure essense Handmade soaps

Quest Southbank June 2008

Thank you so much for sending me one of your new range of Pure Essense Soap, ” Black Diamond” to try. It is quite amazing as it really gives your skin an extremely deep clean. I especially liked it on my face and next and as you would be aware most soap is not good for your face. It certainly doesn’t dry your skin like most soaps. It is great for me as it exfoliates my skin at the same time as washing it so I don’t have to use a number of different products to achieve the same result.

Black Diamond leaves your skin feeling clean, firm and smooth. I highly recommend it! Black diamond is my new soap of choice.

Michael Kratzke

Pam (Geelong) July 2008

From the moment you pick up a “pure essense” soap you know it is sheer luxury! The handmade soap come in a stylish container decorate with subtle, feminine artwork and it has a quirky little “squeeze and sniff” feature.

I am presently using Vivid Spring (Regenerate Facial Bar) which has a delicate floral fragrance and bright sunshiny appearance. The gentle lather has a rich feel about it and rinses off easily leaving my skin feeling silky clean; no sign of the tightness I usually experience with soap.

I have followed the instructions about preserving the life of the soap and am well pleased with “pure essense” for quality and value.

I am looking forward to trying other products in this range. In the meantime the sophisticated packaging and luxurious feel of this soap makes it a great gift for someone special.

Pam (Geelong)

Tania Aug 2007

While on holiday at the Whitsundays I came across a store that sold “Pure Essense” soaps. I fell in love with the smell of ‘antidote”. After using it I could not believe how great it left my skin smelling and feeling.

Definitely, a great find! One of the first thing I did when I got home was to find out where I could find your soaps in Melbourne. You have been very prompt and helpful in your emails.

I have since bought”green apple” and “honeycomb” soaps, as well as a shampoo/conditioner pack for my next week away. I am looking forward to trying more of the range. I have even turned my partner into a fan as he has sensitive skin.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about trying “Pure Essense” to pick antidote facial bar.

Thank you so much for making such a quality product.


Tania 🙂

Mona Fong TVB SHAW Group of Companuies Nov 2008

My thanks to you for your letter and accompanying pure essense soaps – but most of all your thoughtfulness in giving me another opportunity to appreciate your quality product. Your hand made soaps stand along as a high-class toiletry and coupled with the superb gift pack presentation is a truly innovative creaton.

I trust that TVB Buddy has settled in to his new home – and here is a companion for him that will hopefully remind you of us whenever you watch TVB.

With best wishes,

Mona Fong

Jill Robinson 25 March 2008

The product is SO good & I really loved using it… It was a great pleasure to use such quality products & I recommend them unreservedly. I used the Spa pure essense range of products. I just LOVED them, they were some of the best products I’ve ever used. I found my hair, in particular, responded extremely well to the shampoo & conditioner & my skin felt soft & soothed by the body wash & moisturiser.

Harbour View Hotel 3 Oct 2007

…Pure Essense Range design are very innovative and elegant……..

Daytona Electrical 16 Jan 2007

My son…..his skin is sensitive and he is allergic to most soaps and body washes…..We have been trying to find a suitable wash that does not contain soap and is chemical free…. Pure essense body wash left his skin clear, free from rashes etc, no reaction at all…

Presbyterian Ladies College Junior school 2009